Luke Roberts - T Roberts

Cat #:imp048
Released :2009-02-14
Luke Roberts : T Roberts :

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Just Do It Blues 04:13    
02 Fly Away Blues 04:11    
03 Title Unknown 04:47    
04 Little Old Lady Blues 04:04    
05 3 Hits For Busy 03:35    


Elusive as a rare bird, T. Roberts has dedicated listeners drooling for more of his neo-Luddite blues. Mr. Roberts drops twangy, melancholic jams as swiftly as he drops off the face of the Earth. Come give T. Roberts a listen at imputor? records and download a free MP3. You'll be lovin' these songs as much as David Attenborough's lovin' on the Lyre bird song.