Otto Von Schirach - PUKOLOGY

Cat #:imp022
Released :2006-07-04
Format:2 x 7"
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Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
1A1 Gagged Gizzard Goo 3:56    
1A2 Locked Groove 1A 0:00    
1B1 Septic Sewer Soup 1:26    
1B2 Mathematically Reversed Peristalsis 1:57    
1B3 Spasmic PukeApella 0:36    
1B4 Locked Groove 1B 0:00    
2A1 Swollen Guttural Exlax 1:58    
2A2 Nasal Upchuck 1:08    
2A3 Bladderal Toilet Nectar 0:52    
2A4 Locked Groove 2A 0:00    
2B1 Orgasmic Lard Steam (Flush #1) 0:24    
2B2 Gargling Stomach Rainbow 1:31    
2B3 Wet Chamber Of Chunk 2:30    
2B4 Locked Groove 2B 0:00    


Nobody -- with the possible exception of wealthy supermodels with eating disorders -- enjoys throwing up. But who says a good puke -- or an upset stomach, or roiling bowels -- can't be entertaining, in its own way? Not Otto Von Schirach. For the past three years, the Miami-based electronic prankster has been methodically at work (with bathroom breaks, of course) sculpting the sixteen minutes of gurgling, disquieting grooves featured on the limited-edition, colored, double-vinyl 7-inch edition of the aptly entitled Pukology.

Pukology began in 2003, when Schirach and imputor? issued an open call for fans to submit source materials for a project that promised to give a whole new meaning to the description "gut-churning." Eighteen different outside participants rose to the challenge, submitting these horrifically intimate sounds via MP3, WAV, and AIFF files, as well as on Mini-Disc. Schirach even captured some of the noises first hand: "I recorded Yarlen Ferriera puking and gasping for breath, while fluid was swinging around in the air," he recalls, fondly. "It was great field work."

Although Schirach, one of the leading luminaries of the Schematic imprint, is noted for his prodigious output, assembling Pukology (which will also be available as in a 45 minute compact disc incarnation, via Palm Tree Snuff / imputor?) proved a test of even his formidable mettle. "I couldn't work on the project in the morning, because I would start to gag," he admits. "And my girlfriend prohibited work on it after dinner."

"I would start a song, then stop, then finally finish," he continues. "I had to take breaks, because I felt this would be my most conceptual record ever -- and also the hardest to digest."

Despite its guttural source material, Schirach -- who last involuntarily hurled while drunk on Everclear -- had very deliberate ideas about how he wanted the results to sound. "Some tracks are a journey into bathroom worship. Hail the bathroom! Some are the deep intestines of a duck. I also played melodies on stomach intestines and bowels." Rhythms were inventively fashioned along the same lines. "I took a simple upchuck and turned it into a kick drum, then took spit, and converted it to a snare drum."

"This record is for the people that wanted to hear a liquid journey into the realm of human sound science," Schirach concludes. But is it IDM? Only if those initials stand for "Intestinal Distress Mucus."

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