Psychic Emperor - Communication

Cat #:imp039
Released :2007-06-05
Format:CD EP
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Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Sever Heavy Hands (Live) 03:23    
02 Royal Brohams (Live) 03:53    
03 I'm So Glad (Live) 03:02    
04 Thrice Three's Nine (Live) 03:04    
05 Solar Mountain Sundown (Live) 02:55    
06 Attitude (Misfits Cover) (Live) 02:18 FREE  

  • Edition of 500
  • Artwork by TH3
  • performed LIVE on KXLU Radio Los Angeles
  • by Tristan Marcum and Darrin Wiener with guitar, gameboy and voice.

Recorded Live on KXLU Radio Los Angeles, Psychic Emperor strip down from the sounds of their uber-orchestrated debut album, and knock this performance to the T with simplicity. Tristan Marcum sings and plays guitar, while Darrin Wiener (aka Plastiq Phantom) plays bass, drums and melodies all on a GAMEBOY while mixing the session live to the Airwaves. Our friend Shawn (aka twerk) @ audibleoddities mastered this one with his lush bass and glittery smooth high ends from that ...

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iTunes A jewel King Music's Crown. 2007-06-20  
Anthem Records Communication 2007-05-09