World Gang - Live at the ENDOFTHEWORLD

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Released :2011-06-28
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World Gang : Live at the ENDOFTHEWORLD : Cover

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
00 Live At the ENDOFTHEWORLD 20:14 FREE view
01 Dolphin Smiles (Live)    
02 Bleeding Managment    
03 Computer FREE  
04 8 Copy    

Live at the End of the World, Port Townsend, WA MARCH 2011

BLAST!!! BOOM!!! SMASH!!! The End of the World begins with a brand new 20 minute release from World Gang. Half Satan's mix tape- half a live concert for the demon-queen Hecuba- it's actually a compilation of 4 new songs that are been brewing in the synthesized caldron of musical madness that is WORLD GANG.

World Gang - Live At End Of The World