Yours - Spin a Top

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Released :2011-12-20
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Yours : Spin a Top :

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01 Spin a Top   view
02 Ordinary Life FREE view


Portland band Yours isn't the Next Big Thing... yet. But listening to "Spin A Top," it isn't hard to imagine the day, very soon, when they are. Opening with a childlike chant that quickly snowballs into an indie rock anthem, the song's ringing guitars and ebullient vocals will have you airborne by the time "Top" reaches its stick-in-your-head chorus. On the flip side, "Ordinary Life" finds the duo of Matthan Minister and Adam Trachsel in a more reflective mood, exploring a stripped-down sound that underscores their stylistic range. More please!

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Willamette Week Cut of the Day: Yours, "Spin a Top," Spin a Top EP, (Imputor) 2011-12-22