Dalmatians - Pop/Rock Ruff Drafts Album

Cat #:imp025
Released :2004-11-19
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Dalmatians : Pop/Rock Ruff Drafts Album :

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Team Team 0:41    
02 MK Lemons 1:51    
03 Pawsitive 1:43 FREE  
04 My Little Sister 1:32    
05 Get Yr Nice On 1:59    
06 Get Get Retarded 1:46    
07 DIY 2:17    
08 Bonus Footage (Video) 13:43    

  • Edition of 500
  • Comes in hand-packaged, hand-painted cardboard case.
  • This is an *Enhanced CD* with bonus live video footage
  • Recorded, Mixed, Mastered @ The Velcro Lounge by Wiener.
  • CD edition is SOLD OUT

Stripped down electronic dance punk... Jet City + NYC + Nobody wants to hear 7 mintue rock songs.
Dalmatians compress 6 months of frantic rapping, instrumental trade-offs, erratic dance beats, and electronic hooks into 2 minute bite-sized portions. Lyrical content stresses niceness and positivity with an emphasis on saftey. Bonus Live Footage of an all ages basement show rocks the f out of fun + demonstrates street savy. As if DEVO met up with Operation Ivy.

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