Vells - Flight From Echo Falls

Cat #:imp023
Released :2004-09-07
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Vells : Flight From Echo Falls :
Vells : Flight From Echo Falls : the Rainbow of Vells

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 In the Hours of Flowers 03:00 FREE  
02 Hello Medecina 02:46    
03 Little Yellow Moon 03:34    
04 Mansour III 02:29    
05 Larger Than Life 03:14    
06 All in All 03:47    
07 Hey Hey La La 03:54    
08 Time the Deceiver 02:37    
09 In My Paradise 03:49    
10 Down Down Glory 04:01 FREE  
11 Nightmares 02:38 FREE  
13 The Rhyme Sees Mine 02:55    
14 Babys Gone Gone 03:48    
15 Flight From Echo Falls 03:48    

  • out of print! limited 2 3000 copies on CD

  • Overview:
    A collaborative production effort of Jeremiah Green (modest mouse) and Darrin Wiener (plastiq phantom), Vells have created an album that could be mistaken for a dusted-off artifact from a timeless place and time. Tristan Marcum's other worldly deliverance of emotive vocal detail along with the formidable drumming of Jeremiah Green is exalting. This psychedelic pop gem is a divergence from the mundane and confronts the listener with the inherent divinity of music. An impressive leap from the previous EP produced by Phil Ek, Vells have managed to fuse light and dark into a visceral musical experience that's good for the spirit. Flight From Echo Falls brings you songs that combine the transcendental elements of Sigur Ros with Elvis-ian fervor while others merge soul with psychedelic pop. Vells music has been compared to bands including the Kinks, Beatles, and Shins for their melodic and hooky song writing and energetic delivery. These elements combined with their eclectic inspirations and radical visions characterize the Vells' sound.

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