Aspects of Physics - Slow-Fi EP

Cat #:imp066
Released :2010-08-24
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Aspects of Physics : Slow-Fi EP : Cover

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Slow-fi Condition 1 07:14 FREE  
02 Slow-fi Condition 2 15:02    
03 Slow-fi Condition 3 38:30    

  • all music created by jason soares and jfre robot coad (2009)
  • using software created by jason soares (2004)

"a-tempoed ambient spasms in slow motion/full mutation;"
somewhere between "Shri Camel" by Terry Riley &
"Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno..

Includes free software version of Slow-Fi - a generative self-correcting audio/visual environment. Original concept and software by Jason Soares 2004. Modified in 2009 by Jason Soares & JFRE Coad.

Download Slow-Fi Software (Mac/PC)

Once running, the emitter (pulsing circle) will launch hexagon shapes from itself. These hexagons with be assigned a random note and will move around randomly and intermittently. If a hexagon moves onto the emitter, it will kill that hexagon and launch two new hexagons in its place. There are three lines in the upper left corner which show the status of the system. The middle light grey line represents the current amount of hexagons. The left and right dark grey lines are the randomly chosen maximum and minimum triggers for the emitter to react to. Once the amount of hexagons reaches the maximum amount (left line), the emitter will start moving around the screen bouncing off the walls at different random speeds and directions killing off hexagons. It will do this until it reaches the minimum amount (right line). Then new amounts will be chosen and the process will start over.

Sample of Slow-Fi in action: