Pleaseeasaur - Action Spectacular

Cat #:imp037
Released :2005-09-05
Pleaseeasaur : Action Spectacular : Cover
Pleaseeasaur : Action Spectacular : Back

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Droid County    
02 No Prob Limo 3:32    
03 LA Nights 2...Even Hotter 2:03    
04 You've Got The Tough 02:03    
05 WARNING: These Cobras Are Totally Cool 1:03    
06 I Hate Dog Shit    
07 Strangers Have The Best Candy 01:54    
08 It's Up To You 1:47    
09 Pizza Brothers & Sons Inc. 2:52    
10 Beef Flavored Island 04:38    
11 The Meat Reef    
12 Bowl Noodle Hot    

  • Edition of 1000
  • First ever *LIVE* Pleaseeasaur DVD!!!
  • Includes Bonus Features: Johnson & Johnsonstein Music Video + American Sherrif Slideshow!

Pleaseeasaur has finally delved into the format of true justice!
On this new DVD "Action Spectacular", Pleaseeasaur's memorable and wildly hilarious live show is featured as the main event. Boasting 12 of their hottest songs including: the intergalactic eagle saving tearjerker "You've got the tough", the mezmerizing "LA Nights 2... Even Hotter", & Lars Ulrich's family favorite "Pizza Brothers & Sons Incorporated ", this DVD takes the viewer for a ride through what is one of the wildest live performances in history. With Classic Live perfomances like No Prob Limo (A really interesting song about the best Limo Service in the Nation... ) & crowd favorite: the spellbinding backbreaking darediving performance of WARNING "These Cobra's Are Totally Cool"

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