American Sheriff - Long Arm of the Law

Cat #:imp040
Released :2007-09-11
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American Sheriff : Long Arm of the Law : Cover
American Sheriff : Long Arm of the Law :
American Sheriff : Long Arm of the Law :

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 American Sheriff Theme    
02 Law Enforcetainment    
03 Rough & Tough Cowguys 00:58 FREE  
04 Down on my Luck    
05 A Good Breakfast    
06 Farming on the Funk    
07 Make an Indian Your Friend    
08 Put Your Hands Up    
09 Montana 02:31 FREE  
10 R Song    
11 American Sheriff Theme 2    

  • Edition of 500
  • First Country Release from imputor?!!
  • Pleaseeasaur and Plastiq Phantom Team up for maxium Law Enforcetainment
  • limited hand made silkscreened / wood packaging
  • order today @ our very own shopand get it direct from us before stores!!

Recorded over many years crossing the desert tundra from Texas to Montana, American Sheriff is the bullet-proof law-making team known individually as Pleaseeasaur and Plastiq Phantom. With hilarious party jams about driving trucks in Montana, and Making friends with Indians, American Sheriff turn the wacky to level 11. Pleaseeasaur is busy creating characters driving on the farm, driving trucks, driving your wife to leave you for a chick, and other American things like punching fish, and making breakfast, while Plastiq Phantom serves up the dubs made from dusty country oriented library records mixed with 808s and the electronic madness he has been come to be known for.