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Luke Roberts Elusive as a rare bird, T. Roberts has dedicated listeners drooling for more of his neo-Luddite blues. Mr. Roberts drops twangy, melancholic jams as swiftly as he drops off the face of the Earth. Come give T. Roberts a listen at imputor? records and download a free MP3. You'll be lovin' these songs as much as David Attenborough's lovin' on the Lyre bird song. The biggest question churning about in my mind as I sit to write this is very basic: Which is more mysterious Luke Roberts or Luke Roberts' music? As Thurston Moore pointed out, his voice "evokes both the great and lonesome Pacific Rail and the wild heart of the Brooklyn J/Z line." But its more than just his powerfully deep vocals that begs further curiosity into his music. The collection of songs known as T. Roberts draws comparison to the likes of Daniel Johnston, whose imperfections are the very thing that make him beautiful. The carefree almost childlike whimsy to his songs are created with simple and repeating acoustic guitar combined with a strong connection between both theme and lyrics executed with resonating vocals that will almost certainly leave you with chills. All of this can be easily seen in the epically poignant track "Fly Away Blues," where he defines heartfelt simplicity by singing, "one of these old days, tie up my shoes and fly away. I'll fly away, ill look in the mirror and this is what i will say."

Luke just dropped is debut album on Estatic Peace Records! Check it out here: He dropped one in 2013 for Thrill Jockey ! Check it out.

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