DJs On Strike

DJs On Strike So who is Johnny Kawasaki? Word of this polarized genius has spread far and wide, leading to a cult following and virulent sticker campaign carried out by thousands of loyal minions worldwide. The fruits of Johnny Kawasaki's propaganda campaign can be seen places such as Mexico, Canada, England, USA, Poland, Czechoslovakia -- pretty much everywhere! His underground campaign has garnered him huge press articles in top DJ Culture magazines such as URB and Ministry Of Sound. No one can escape the wrath of Johnny Kawasaki, not even world-class electronic luminaries such as Squarepusher, Paul Oakenfold, and Moby.

Yellow Brick Road: Antartica
Gang Affiliations: DJs On Strike!
Favorite Salad Dressing: Blubber juice
Undergarment of Choice: Blubber
Total Stitches Lifetime: 0

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Scientific American / Plastiq Phantom / DJs On Strike
iTunes Soundcloud
Cover Art
DJs On Strike
Oh Nevermind
Cover Art
DJs On Strike
I'm So Happy b/w Smells
Cover Art
DJs On Strike
I'm So Happy EP
Cover Art
DJs On Strike
Too Hot For Solid Steel

DJs On Strike Press:
Source Article Date Scan
Lowlands (Belgium) Nirvana 2004-12-20  
Groove Distribution Nirvana/LITHIUM DJS ON STRIKE RMX 12 2004-06-06  
SIFF DJs On trikeS 2004-06-01 Lithium- DJs On Strike Remixes 12" Nirvana DJs On Strike Remix 12" Nirvana Lithium- DJs On Strike Remixes 12" Nirvana 2004-05-14 Nirvana: DJs On Strike Remixes. 2004-04-15  
XLR8R preemtive strike 2004-04-01  
fahrenheit sd Don't Sue Us: Antarctica's DJs on Strike! Turn Grunge into Techno 2004-03-17  
BPM Culture #44 Bourgeois Pigs 2003-06-01 view
BPM Culture / Too Hot For Solid Steel Review 2003-05-02  
XLR8R #67 May Too Hot For Solid Steel Review 2003-05-01  
Re:Up Magazine #001 Antarctica's Anti-Pop 2003-05-01 view
Grooves #10 Too Hot For Solid Steel Review 2003-04-01  
BPM Featured Review: Too Hot For Solid Steel 2003-04-01  
Exclaim Pop's Bastards 2003-03-27  
Wireless Flash News Moby and Fatboy Slim under attack! 2002-04-01  
Ministry (UK) DJs On Strike 2002-02-01  
Satanic Action!! Halloween 2001 Live Review 2001-11-02  
URB Magazine Vol. 11 No. 89 Activist art takes aim at superstar waxmasters 2001-11-01 view