Calculator Man & Hangar

Calculator Man & Hangar No Bio.

Yellow Brick Road: Vista -> [Santa Cruz / La Jolla ] -> [Whidbey Island / Mira Mesa] -> [Seattle / North Park] -> [Seattle / University Heights]
Gang Affiliations: Nothing! We own your soul.
Favorite Salad Dressing: Beans, Sour Cream, Quacamole, Salsa, Jalepenos, Carne, Taco Shells, Cilantro
Undergarment of Choice: Variety Pack
Total Stitches Lifetime: 49

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Calculator Man & Hangar
It's Andersen, Not Anderson, Bytch!
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Calculator Man & Hangar Press:
Source Article Date Scan
Resonance Magazine #28 It's Andersen... Review 2001-02-01 view
Turkey It's Andersen... Review 2001-01-12 Review 2000-12-06  
san diego union tribune "so, a little bird told me" 2000-09-02  
San Diego Union Tribune It's Andersen... Review 2000-08-09 It's Andersen... Review 2000-07-05 It's Andersen... Review 1999-12-20 view