DJs On Strike - I'm So Happy EP

Cat #:imp019
Released :2004-04-06
Format:CD EP
Label:DJs On Strike! (distributed by imputor?)
DJs On Strike : I'm So Happy EP : Cover

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Penguins Are Beautiful 00:38   view
02 I'm So Happy (Bangin' Radio Edit) 05:02    
03 Behold: Antarctica 00:40   view
04 Smells (Bangin' Radio Edit) 06:08    
05 Cold toe, Hot ho 01:00   view
06 I'm So Happy (CD-DJ Vinyl Edit) 05:39    
07 Oh Vostok, Hold Me 00:22   view
08 Smells (CD-DJ Vinyl Edit) 06:55    
09 Silence 39:43    

  • Ltd. 1000 / Hand numbered.

Exactly one year after DJs On Strike! successfully completed their over-hyped release Too Hot For Solid Steel for a world-wide broadcast on DJ Food’s Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio Show, they’ve ventured off their homeland of Antarctica once again with these Bangin' Dance Cuts?, blowing up in DJ bags, Nighclubs, and Grunge Radio Stations at a pace unparalleled since Elvis Presley released his first remix in 1969, I mean 2003. Its as if Nirvana were re-united with a TR808 Drum Machine and slighty pitched up with a new lead singer. Or that might be exactly what it is.

From the band: "We are happy to announce that we've finished our new album, entitled I'm So Happy. We recorded most of the new record at our home in Vostok, Antarctica, and at the homes of some friends in Seattle: Jeremiah Green from Modest Mouse & the Vells, as well as newcomer Dvae Grhlo. Additional synthesizer recordings were made with Matt Mishubici at the Harvard University Studio for Electro-Acoustic Composition during our residency there."

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fahrenheit sd Don't Sue Us: Antarctica's DJs on Strike! Turn Grunge into Techno 2004-03-17