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Aspects of Physics "Slow-Fi EP" Available Today

"A-tempoed ambient spasms in slow motion/full mutation;" Somewhere between "Shri Camel" by Terry Riley & "Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno. 3 tracks, but over 60 minutes of music... do the math!

Includes free software version of Slow-Fi - a generative self-correcting audio/visual environment. Original concept and software by Jason Soares 2004. Modified in 2009 by Jason Soares & JFRE Coad.

Watch a video of the Slow-fi software in action:

Download Slow-Fi Software (PC/Mac)

You can download a FREE MP3 of the first track here: Slow-fi Condition 1

Purchase Digital: iTunes | ThinkIndie

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posted by: j
August 24th, 2010