Aspects of Physics - Marginalized Information Forms 1: Ping

Cat #:imp024
Released :2004-10-05
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Aspects of Physics : Marginalized Information Forms 1: Ping : Cover
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Aspects of Physics : Marginalized Information Forms 1: Ping : Cover

Track Listing:
# Title Length Mp3 Lyrics
01 Logo (Observer) 0:12    
02 Ping 9:51 FREE  
03 Neutrino 2:10 FREE  
04 QQ47 3:55    
05 Piano Pill 3:27    
06 Plippus 4:24    
07 ohmF 1:18    
08 Reversevent 4:31    
09 Jatchtas 1:15    
10 Arnologer 1:34    
11 Scene Of Changery 7:42    

  • Part 1 of 3 in the series -- collect all 3!
  • Edition of 1000
  • Mastered by Rafter Roberts at Singing Serpent.

Rising from the ashes of the enigmatic San Diego post-rock troupe Physics at the beginning of 2000, Aspects of Physics exists as a continuation of existing ideas with the fusion of new thoughts on music.

Marginalized Information Forms is a set of 3 recordings / releases constructed over a two year span, divided by musical style, instrumentation and philosophical content. Ping, the first in the series, loosely illustrates the point of view of the observer (observer <- medium <- source) in relation to information using guitars, synthesizers, computers and other electronic devices, which combine into a variety of experimental yet melodic soundscapes. If Aspects of Physics were a humanoid with 3-way split personality disorder, Ping would represent the emotive, warm, and graceful side that would invite you over for a beer and some intellectually stimulating discussion about the state of the universe. In a couple of months you'll come to meet the other 2 personalities of AoP (MIF2 and MIF3 on different labels and therefore other cross-bred markets). For fans of Telefon Tel Aviv, Fridge, Four Tet, Mum, The Album Leaf, Stockhausen/Cage/Glass, and Warp Records.

Since you last saw Aspects of Physics, they've added Brent Asbury (Pinback, Thingy) on live drums and effects units, completed 3 west coast and 1 east coast tour(s) including multiple live internet performances (New York Underground Film Festival and MiniMax series conducted by William Duckworth), and invented/utilized web-based MIDI interfaces and software.

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