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Plastiq Phantom :: Enjoy The Art Of Lying Down Review

Mixer Magazine

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[8 of 10 stars]

With a bevy of found sounds at his disposal, Seattllite Plastiq Phantom is about to up the ante with the malleability of electronic music as we know it. With Enjoy The Art Of Lying Down, the playing field is leveled, taking general ideas left over by artists such as Aphex, Scanner, Spooky, M-uziq, Reich, and even Squarepusher, then regurgitated into a mix of flawless composition that sounds wholly-fresh and original. His somewhat unusual cut-and-paste traffic may leave you unnerved at first. Tracks like "492 Cups to China" is an example of this, with what sounds like string arrangements from the Orient against a repetitive broke beat, with an eerie melody you cannot shake. It's also the album's highlight. The album is a supreme fuck all when it comes to expectation, so don't even try to put a label on it. The complexity may scare you off a bit, but the reward is great. If you break through the tech itch and get to the soul of this record, with its robotic melodies and geeky soul, you'll see a wonderfully perverse artist at its center.

- Frank Nieto