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Aspects of Physics :: Aspect Of Physics: The Space Between You and Your Speakers

Feature Magazine (SD)

By Kyle Rogers

Jason Soares is a pretty unique man. Routinely I would pass him at the coffee shop in the morning, we would exchange hellos and like clockwork, I would look to see what he was reading. I know that isn't the most polite thing to do, but he always had an interesting title that held his attention. Musically, he is also one of the many San Diego based, non-monotonous thinkers, who should not go unnoticed. Jason is half of the Electronic/ITM (intelligent thought music) duo, Aspects of Physics, whom have just released their swan song, "Systems of Social Recalibration".

Unlike many electronic releases this year, "SOSR" has something about it that justifies importance. After seeing Jason many times, reading his many books (no titles here, THAT is rude), I have come to understand why this record is indeed more physical than its predecessors.

It makes you think. It gives you room to breath and even more room to clarify emotions that follow syndicated, shimmering glitches and agitated programming. There is a certain space between you and the speakers that AOP utilizes very effectively. Where most IDM records fail, "SOSR" fills the void of nonsensical catastrophes like the greatness of Fugazi. They put your brain back in the mix and leave the dance floor open for comment.

It was no surprise to hear Jason citing Fugazi as an influence. Socially, Fugazi has kept their mark within a market of very predetermined, avant garde music fans. Yet they always push buttons with undetermined nods to social patterns that need attention. Aspect of Physics follows that same pattern, musically and emotionally. They have begun to pave a new road for electronic enthusiasts, one that will likely lead to a more emotional draw. In it's entirety, "SOSR" feels like something or someone is being pointed at, and perhaps that was it's intent. A look at the 12-page fold out artwork (yes, it is that phenomenal), and you will understand where they are coming from. Like Nirvana did in the early 90's, Aspect of Physics is utilizing the power of circumspection to push the socially distraught minds of a new generation. But what separates the two is their keen ability to do so without raging against any machine, respectfully. Comparisons could be made to the larger than life Richard D. James as well, but, you know...that is a given. Audibly, they border along the lines of a capsizing ship and a rising sun, the link between the two is an unvowed promise to float or shine again. Comparisons like this run amuck all over the record, from start to finish it feels and sounds like a great novel (hint.hint). Only this novel has no ending and no characterization, it has no synopsis. What it does have is the power to make you think and reflect.

While Kurt Cobain graces the cover of Rolling Stone and Eminem sells millions of records, many people question music and it's purpose. Is marketing entirely what makes an artist grow? Sure it is, but how did they get there? I am no fan of Eminem, but I do enjoy Nirvana and I can see the link between the two. They both have pulled emotional triggers, leaving plenty of room for thought. Aspect of Physics is riding in that same boat, only this time they recognize who is the captain and who is the sea.