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Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Status Negatives Review

Grooves Magazine

There is little life more ordered, homogenized, and predictable that the average american suburban experience. San Diego native, William Colin Snavely's Status Negatives draws together a soundtrack of the worst of suburban childhood life. Marathon sessions of video-game bleeps and beeps, the sweeping, moping strings of alienation and boredom in a flatland of strip malls and 7-elevens--in the end, it's the banality and dreary tedium that comes from having nothing interesting to do. The arrangements here are all technically precise and intricate, with occasionally glitchy patches here and there, as is the current fashion. But with only one or two exceptional moments, all exist in a quasi-Kraftwerkian vacuum that chokes the listener with a near comlete absence of hope for escape. With a touch of heart, perhaps, Status Negatives might have left a deeper, more lasting impression.

-- Alex Reynolds