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DJs On Strike :: Moby and Fatboy Slim under attack!

Wireless Flash News

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- If you think getting $30,000 a night for spinning records seems a little excessive, you're not alone.

A San Diego musical activist thinks big name DJs are a rip-off and he's doing something about it.

Johnny Kawasaki has formed an anti-DJ organization, "DJs on Strike," to protest how bigtime DJs like Moby and Fatboy Slim get tons of money and fame just for playing records for dance club trendoids while the real musicians get the shaft.

In his words, "A DJ is nothing more than a 4/4 beat. Not a rockstar. Not a god. Not a sex symbol."

Kawasaki now plans to expose big rockstar DJs as fakes by organizing a series of live shows featuring "real artists playing live music" and feverish anti-DJ speeches.

However, some of his actions are more direct. Kawasaki claims some of his "henchmen" had something to do with the cat that recently attacked Moby.

--ADAM GNADE, Wireless Flash News