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Plastiq Phantom People :: Halou, PPP Show Preview

Seattle Weekly

Halou, plastiq phantom people (Popular Music)

Where: I-Spy, 1921 Fifth, alley entrance, Seattle, 206-374-9492
When: Fri 4/12
What: Halou, the atmospheric Portisheadliners who trip the goth fantastic like only true San Franciscans can, make their way north once again, tonight with support from the newly sprung plastiq phantom people. In his latest incarnation, the usually solo and always lowercase phantom, known around town for his clever, spastic Aphex Twin-style pastiches and wicked illbient twists on top 40 pop, will be joined by drums (Andy Sells of FCS North), violin (Red Stars Theory's Seth Warren), and turntables (DJ Suspence), as well as other vaguely promised "secret guests" going all the way live-a.k.a. 100% laptop-free. Though this will be their first public appearance, the roster alone promises enough potential to earn our undivided attention and hard-earned 10-spot just on spec. Unless, of course, tonight's Puddle of Mudd show is more your cup of, um, wet dirt.

I-Spy. $10adv. 9 p.m. Fri. April 12.

-Leah Greenblatt