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Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Status Negatives Review

BPM Magazine /

IDM music has taken hold and is once again showing its influence on modern dance Music. It’s like the sibling that you never new existed and then shows up and steals the show at your birthday party. The current trend that started before Aphex Twin and even 80s groups like Cabaret Voltaire, Brian Eno and Holger Czukay 1970’s group Can were laying down the tracks for this quiet revelation before it even started. D.O.S.C is nothing less than a blood relation of the previous artist and is desperately trying to show that he can hold his own on this newfound territory. William Collins Snavely aka D.O.S.C., claims that the inspiration for the music comes from the suburbs and all the bizarre situations that people experience. Status Negatives moves and shifts through a series of winding landscapes each cascading into the next. Signature sounds, which Snavley describes as “Picture some guy working on a factory assembly line non-stop doing the same task redundantly over and over again.” Even with that said, this is more like a picture of life that takes a closer look at life and all its possible reflections. As the label said “D.O.S.C. is all about taking the familiar and turning it on its side.” (Kenoy Williams)