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Aspects of Physics :: Feature[d] Experiment

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01.19 [Saturday] Aspects of Physics & the Energy Language Experiment

Aspects of Physics members Jason Soares and F Mathias Lorenz blend together electronic, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), post rock, minimalism along with interactive visuals to create and exciting live scenario. Instrumentation includes: laptops/computers, midi controllers, guitars, synths, modified electronic devices and a random array of video equipment. They have been performing for over 15 years. Past projects include Physics, Thingy, Rice, and Stacatto Reads. Aspects of physics is part of The Experiment Network which is a parent organization conducting wide variety of experiments like the FreeNews filtration experiment and the EnergyLanguage experiment, a novel communication system.

See their projects at: - freenews experiment - communication experiment - free music experiment - audio experiment

Art at 7pm, Music at 8pm and a Colloquium afterwords about their Energy Language System. $15 and $10 for students. (619) 295.0301 Reservations are suggested. 301 Spruce Street, Banker's Hill.