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DJs On Strike :: DJs On Strike

Ministry (UK)

Something's afoot in Seattle, USA. On one of its streets are enormous Presidential campaign-style posters proclaiming: "It's Up to You - Steamin Poo Oakenfold" and "John Digweed - Give Trance a Chace". There are also ubiquitous low-grade cut-and-paste stickers plastered all about, using this comedy in their piss-take pursuit of bald DJs, cocaine (ab)users and , erm, BT. DJs On Strike is behind the campaign. So, why take a piss? "We're just poking fun at these enormous figures making millions of bucks from playing records. There's no hate - it's just for entertainment," says a DJs On Strike representative. With an estimated 5,000 stickers in circulation and with the whole collection in downloadable format from, it seems that no lamp-post is safe. There's only one worry DJs On Strike have: "We don't even know if Mr Oakenfold is as exciting as a big ol' pile of steamin' poo." As the late, great Dick Emery would have said: Ohh you are naughty... but i like you.