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Plastiq Phantom :: Enjoy The Art Of Lying Down Review

Pulse Magazine (Tower Records)

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Analog fanatic/DJ QP makes a stately kling klang that's brooding and bratty. You can feel the whoosh of veils and the air between finger cymbals flutter by as Amer-Asian chord sequences pass over puckered percussion lines like a magician over a top hat. Though truly regal in sports (i.e. the moody vibrant strings of "A Simple Chaos") there is something deliciously childish (or childlike) about his turbulent tattered trance. The result of QP's meditative efforts lies somewhere between naive Gregorian chant, YMO's Computer Games and the muffled clam-shell sound of Startled Insects. "Select Imputor?" and "492 Cups to China" have the allure of a child's school theatrical, rife with banging pots, silly seamseen sequences and plopped-down samples. Even the verdant fields of piano in the nearly serious "Raincoat Sonata #2" comes off like "Chopsticks" in QP's hands (or machines). This is a refreshingly merry change from what machines normally go through.

[3 stars]

--A.D. Amorosi