imputor? Press Clippings

Diagram of Suburban Chaos :: Status Negatives Review


imputor? should be getting a bit of attention for this cd. It's well deserved. I haven't heard many albums with so much clout, and it's a debut.

The sound is perfect for listen around modern buildings or perhaps high-up in the city. The rhythm is classically experimental in the way it unfolds with each new play. Synthetic stuff sounds organic at points (fun), and heavily processed vocal bits will scare your less hip friends.

Melody is a major part of the foundation. Nice notes, diagram. They're sure to set status negatives apart from most of the dry-ly innovative music that is flooding hard disks these days.

The songs at will give you an excellent taste, and there's more to be had at his official site.

I'd love to hear from someone who is in the Northwest and saw the vent.seattle.