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World Gang :: World Gang = A Modest Mouse Drummer + a Plastiq Phantom

The Stranger SLOG

Maybe you've been wondering what in blazes Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green has been doing lately. Wonder no longer. He and electronic musician Darrin Wiener--who runs the Imputor label and recorded and performed in the '00s as Plastiq Phantom and with DJs on Strike!--have a new band called World Gang. On the downlow, they say they've been issuing several "experimental ambient improvisations and processed drum breaks via super-limited, hand packaged 8-tracks, cassettes and vinyl." Now World Gang present a video for the new song "Dolphin Smiles." (here) It's the B-side of a 7" single featuring "Mechanic the Mushroom." "Dolphin Smiles" is a storming stadium rave tune shot through with undercurrents of menace. It doesn't sound anything like Modest Mouse. Neither does "Mechanic the Mushroom," which comes over like a Basic Channel dub-techno track slowed to a morbid crawl. These two tracks make for a promising start; I'll be keeping tabs on World Gang. The single comes out May 20 on Imputor.