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Yours :: Cut of the Day: Yours, "Spin a Top," Spin a Top EP, (Imputor)

Willamette Week

It has to be the season of gift-giving because the musicians of our fair city are bestowing so many lovely presents upon us in these days leading up to Christmas. Or did you musical kids all get together and decide to celebrate Hanukkah without mentioning anything to us? Works for me, just keep the goods coming. Today's little aural stocking stuffer is from the quartet known as Yours. An apt name for an indie rock outfit that just keeps giving and giving and giving to its fans and followers. Their latest bit of largesse is a new single anchored around this smartly appointed title track "Spin a Top." Let's just say, when this song began, I had my concerns. The sing-song-y bit that starts it out had me concerned we were about to hear another little Animal Collective facsimile. But that is quickly superceded by a rollicking drum beat that the rest of the band falls in with, and a sparkling melody sung by Matthan Minister. And damn if the track doesn't expand from there with Minister and band all sounding as if they are getting lost in the swell of their creation. All I want to find under my Christmas tree this year is a promise that more Portland bands will follow this lead and sound like they are enjoying themselves as much as Yours is doing here.