imputor? Press Clippings

imputor? :: Suburban Chaos via Bushwick Label imputor


Since Optimum Online can basically do whatever they want, I was without internet during working hours three times last week. So I got things done at the Little Skips outpost instead of my sparse bedroom. But while there, I glanced over at the computer next to me and saw a music production program running and asked what my new neighbor was making. The Bushwick resident pointed me to the web site of his label, imputor, where I came across this song. I guess it’s good to get out during the day once and a while. “Dullard” is a stuttering downbeat joint, softly glitching away in the midnight fog. It skips along with tinny wire taps and big vibrating bass drums over melancholic pianos, struck in long, emotional envelopes that echo off in wafts of similar synths. It was produced by Diagram of Suburban Chaos, who says there’s more emotion in the suburbs than the city. He also says most electronic music is consciously non-emotional. Neither of those statements sit well with me, but the song is certainly powerful. Download it courtesy of imputor, and then check out the EP it’s from, Edge of the Pool, as well as the rest of the label’s output.