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Aspects of Physics :: MIF3 Review


Normally, I expect to hate any album with a name this long. Long album names, in my experience, usually stem from some overconfident indie or prog band who happen to be so confident in their "art" that they feel the need to grant it an overly grandiose title. So what makes IDM project Aspects of Physics different? Basically, they have the songwriting and musical chops to back up their, er, questionable choice of album names. Unlike most IDM projects, Aspects of Physics features live drums, albeit from a drummer who seems like he could probably keep up with a drum machine. Add in heavy keyboards reminiscent of krautrock and layered, proggy songwriting (I'm reminded of Gordian Knot or Trey Gunn at points, the latter largely because the keyboards often sound like Gunn's Warr guitar), and you have an electro project that prog-rock fans can appreciate as well. So, yes, these guys deserve a long, pretentious name. Just don't let it turn you off.