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World Gang :: jeremiah green drum breaks 7inch = rad


i was at amoeba the other day and bought a newly-released drum breaks 7inch by worldgang which is a collaborative project between modest mouse drummer jeremiah green and darrin wiener aka plastiq phantom, who is a touring member of and technical contributor to modest mouse. it's a pretty cool little record.

this image is from the imputor site. that is not my hand nor my copy of the record. but you get the idea.

the record comes in handmade packaging (each one is different) and is a limited edition pressing of 300 copies. i suggest you buy it if you see it at one of the stores that's carrying it or pick it up directly from imputor, the label that put it out.

there are mp3 samples of all four tracks from the record on the imputor site. i'm reposting one of them here so that hype machine will pick up this post. ;)