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Aspects of Physics :: MIF3 Review

Wytrawne ucho w czwartym wymiarze (Poland)

Known so far by its pulsating glitch efforts, occasionally scattered thanks to various guitar formulas, California-based quartet takes a plunge beneath an abyss of experimental rock, finally. That kind of the fruits seems to bring their fourth album in career, "Marginalized Information Forms 3", which will be dropped 14th of July by Imputor? Records imprint.

Jason Soares team called their sound like "rocktron" (imply it directly at Facebook profile, for your attention). Although they haven't had much something in common with rock so far. Approaching rather being a sort of a following project rendering Autechre or Mouse on Mars works, tamper with a warped, slightly crude and ferocious electronics. For those who don't know this undertaking from San Diego, I'm citing two evidence - tracks such as: (from "System of Social Recalibration") and Ping (released in 2004 roku in form of "Marginalized Information Forms 1" album). But apart from their prior works, Aspects of Physics leader, Jason Soares, is glitch's geek either. However, on the other side, those musicans have sometimes reached on the edge of the territories in which Trifonic or Telefon Tel Aviv are active mostly.

After all, what it's enjoyed me immensely, Soares crew have been tending even further. On the third and final version of trilogy albums "Marginalized Information Forms", Aspects of Physics team will demonstrate that what, in my book, contemporary rock falls short of, in other words, a set of a courageous antidotes which duly reflecting the impacts of many genres, as well as lasting, firmly located on the rock's spade work. Possessing heavy, distinct drums, which steers every listener into a quite bit more instrumental, bleeps-riffs areas of an experimental guitar structures. Cumulatively, in the Internet is available a half album, of ten tunes, five are, to hearing. Two of them you may download right from Imputor? Records website (my favourite track included, reminiscent established Tortoise post rock standards, "Level 3"), while others - at their Myspace ("Unwindings are Sound", "Junoverse", "Swip Melp").

Certainly, you're dying to know what it will be alike, with which "Marginalized Information Forms 3" album could be compared. Now then, if you're willing to concern about a wide rock spectrum from Pivot, Sound Tribe Sector 9, through Lotus, Tempfolder to Mogwai, you arguably will go in for this plate. It heralds to be the best part of this longplay cycle for me. And chiefly like one of the most peculiar albums from experimental rock shelf this year.