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Vells :: "Let go of the precious, so sweet"


After a handful of repeated delays and push-backs, the Vells' second full-length record, Integretron, now roughly two years in the making, is finally set for a definite release. What's more is that Imputor? Records have declared it to be "Vellsmas" and are making the entire record available for download for a limited time. Tracks 1-7 have already been posted up, but they won't be up forever, so you beter get over there fast because Integretron is going to be one of the best records you hear all year. The first track, "Precious Sweet" is the perfect opener, allowing Tristan Marcum's dark and dusty vocals -- clearly the band's finest instrument -- to sink in immediately, rubbing up against only a sparse acoustic guitar. Give it a listen, then go grab more HERE!

[MP3]: Vells :: Precious Sweet (Highly Recommended!!)
Imputor? will also be posting the lyrics for all of the songs, and for good reason too, as Tristan not only has an amazing voice, but as you'll soon find, he's also a brilliant lyricist:

"Shown to me through the curtain
two at sitting, pouring wine
glasses fill, then the empty
dirty certain outlines mime
in the bloom find the phrases
hear their tremors give away
all the weight they are throwing
amounts to nothing, the grander play"
- "Precious Sweet"