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Psychic Emperor :: Communication

Anthem Records

Super limited disc by the little known group Psychic Emperor. PE is a rotating cast of Tristan Marcum (Vells), Darrin Wiener (The Plastiq Phantom), Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse, Red Stars Theory), James Bertram (Built To Spill, Modest Mouse), and Seth Warren (Red Stars Theory). The sound is a mash-up of 8-bit (though the mastering job makes the Game Boy sound like an 808!?) electronics via Gameboy, Guitar, and Vocals. The disc is a Pro-Press Fan-Disc (3” with 2”clear outer, making it a 5” disc. There are 6 songs all recorded live on a Seattle based radio station performance – including one Misfits cover song. Finally the disc comes mounted on a hefty piece of white tile. Yes, a piece of Tile.