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Otto Von Schirach :: OTTO VON SCHIRACH - Pukology


Only Otto Von Schirach would have the guts (hah) to pull something like this offÖ two sickeningly brown 7Ēs packed to the nines with processed sounds of people vomiting and well, taking a dump. Itís nasty stuff, it really is Ė bubbling, slipping, sliding, chucking, hurling, coughing, spitting, splashing, itís all here and chopped up into rousing DSP laden drill-core mayhem that works a treat. May I also say though that itís really quite good indeedÖ who else indeed would ever attempt something like this? And in this case it should really stand the test of time as a piece of art, and with a cover featuring a living toilet bowl and a vomiting wall, well, itís just screaming to be framed. Play this really loud and upset your neighbours, please! Sick.