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El Poeta :: Musically Speaking Review

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El Poeta Musically Speaking Musically Speaking, this is a great album! A sensual, ambient work of beauty, "Musically speaking" is the debut EP by El Poeta. About 35-40 minutes of soft, lush, instrumental jazz with a Latin flavor to it. Also known as Angelo Emile Gastelum, El Poeta is a one-man-dynamo, a classically trained pianist who picked up the guitar in his teens and later drifted under the influence of master sacred drummers who developed his rhythm and gave him discipline. Since then, El Poeta has evolved into the renaissance jazzbo that he is today, a multi-instrumentalist who has perfected his craft in a home studio, a mad scientist experimenting with sounds as colors on a palette. "Musically Speaking" is, then, the upshot of all this: cool, neo-hipster, lounge music; perfect ambience. Currently residing in Tijuana, El Poeta is at work on his next effort, tentatively titled "Save Changes?" ( ( KM.