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Plastiq Phantom :: Plastiq Phantom / Plastiq Phantom

KZSU (Stanford Radio)

Chill electronic music that combines lots of different types of music. Itís not incredibly weird or crazy. In fact, it kind of makes you think ďoh, why didnít I think of that combination?Ē I really liked the tracks where they brought in the violins and the orchestra, but all are really good. Thereís some with really good beats and more that are laid-back and just really interesting to listen to. Recommend Tracks: 3, 6, 10, 13, 15

Track One: Cool Piano. Starts off with drums, then piano then electronic, then some electric guitar. Very smooth, calming sounding. Gets very electronic at the end
Track Two: Starts off with electronic voice, then key board. Fem voice(very little). Starts off slow like first. Adds in backbeat. More techno.
*Track three: Starts off with beat. Guitar over electronic sound. Violins and orchestra. Distorts about ? thru and then back again. Very nice mixing of instruments. Repeated beat and melodies
Track 4: More fem voice. Still faster. Moving beat. More rock than before. Larger drum part. Presents a medley of different melodies.
Track 5: Much more electronic. Starts and stops with the mixing. More distortion over back beat. More kind of extraneous noise
*Track 6: Hip-hop almost. Great beat. Back to electronic sounding. Fem voice beat, again. Really good combination of the electronic and the hip-hop, dance-club music.
Track 7: Ethereal sound to start off. Lounge sound, almost. Slows everything down. Funky way to calm everything down. Little bit of violin/orchestral sound in the back but sticks to lounge slowness.
Track 8: Starts off with electronic voices. Like an electronic-beat boxing choir.
Track 9: Starts off with just violins and a waterfall type sound. Sounds a little like an orchestra warming up but only much more organized.
*Track 10: Uses rainsticks! Addition of guitars is more electronic. Weird combo of the guitars and the rainsticks. For a bit just xylophone. Heavy emphasis on cool percussion instruments.
Track 11: More gentle sounds. But at the same time fast-paced and electronic. Slows it down and breaks it up near the end with more electronic mixing.
Track 12: Beat in the back makes it sound more natural. Overlying beat brings out much more electronic. Almost as if someone was playing recorder in the middle of a factory. Sounds almost native, but with an electronic twist.
*Track 13: Slower to start. With harp. Heartbeat sound in back. Adds in beat. Like classical guitar/orchestra music on a turntable. Super use of oboe. Ends with just heartbeat at the end. And mixes that!
Track 14: Sounds a little Indian Bharatnatyam. Then switches to something completely different. Sounds like mix between Euro music and Indian, but with less on the Indian and slowly more back to traditional sounding electronic.
*Track 15: More club sounding. Mixes crowd of voices talking with electronic beat. Dream-like. Switches to more poignant sounding with violin. Really super way of slowing it down. Combines the two melodies. Holds on ending of song, almost sounds like it will start up again. Ends with emphasis on beat.