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Pleaseeasaur :: Pleaseeasaur: Action Spectacular (imputor?) DVD


Pleaseeasaur Action Spectacular Imputor? I know, I know—Noise is supposed to be a space to discuss CDs, and Action Spectacular, the upcoming release by Pleaseeasaur, is technically a concert DVD. Close enough, though, and considering the content of a typical Pleaseeasaur show, it certainly warrants mention. A few highlights to whet your appetite: a furry Yeti costume, space suits, cop uniforms, and one getup that puts the performer in the role of a baby strapped to the back of an old woman. Music? Oh, there’s some of that in a Pleaseeasaur show—it’s prerecorded postmodern electronica that sounds like it came from Playskool toys. In fact, sometimes it does—a plastic saxophone is often the only instrument played on stage. Not that any of this is a bad thing: Pleaseeasaur is music as art, a crash course in excess and eccentricity. The brains behind this extravaganza are Seattle’s John Peter Hasson, the man in the masks and costumes, and Thomas Hurley III, who takes care of live projections, props and lighting for the performance art/music show. The name comes from the original moniker of the Loch Ness Monster (Plesiosaur) with some creative rearrangements—just like the rest of Pleaseeasaur’s intriguing and tempting act. (Skylar Browning)