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Aspects of Physics :: MIF1 Review

Splendid Magazine

Information systems-influenced musical constructions? Liner notes that expound (for pages) on a "triperspectival" approach for evaluating said systems? Don't be frightened -- Aspects of Physics talk a learned line, but what they're really doing, creatively speaking, is creating ambient bleeptronica. Chances are, you'll like their music a lot more than their liner notes!

You can still hear the influences of AoP's previous band, Physics, in Ping's post-rock design. The title track is a slowly evolving nine-minute opus that toys with typical post-rock conventions -- long ostinato bass line passages, repeated guitar and keyboard riffs and sweeping dynamic shifts. On top of that, there's a layer of synthetics that places the music closer to bleepy IDM. "Neutrino" and "Reversevent" are more atmospheric in demeanor, with lush chords set against electric guitars and spare drums. "QQ47" phases a bunch of syncopated synth lines into a minimal construction that's one part Steve Reich, one part Boards of Canada.

Philosophical talk about music can be cheap, but when it comes down to actually making music, Aspects of Physics have got the goods.

-- Christian Carey