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Pleaseeasaur, which is a pun on the species of dinosaur most scientists agree inhabits Loch Ness. As impressed as we were with the opener's performance, Pleaseeasaur blew them out of the water entirely. The band consists of one man, pre-recorded Casiotone music, two white screens, two overhead projectors, many props, and at least as many costumes. He came out onto the stage in a silver space-man suit and opened with the song "No Prob Limo". Excerpt of the lyrics: "If you have a problem and you happen to need a limo / just give us a call at 1-800-NO-PROB-LIMO." While he sings and dances, lo-fi graphics projected from the overheads pop up on the white screens behind him, following the current lyrics. We were really impressed with the visuals they achieved with the set-up. During "Beef Flavored Island", he dressed as a baby strapped to the back of an old woman - very cleverly conceived and executed. Other songs were about not messing with half-dead cobras by the side of the road, how dog shit is the grossest thing ever (it is), working out, and doing whatever you like to do. All of us, even the most stoic, were in stitches laughing during the whole set. I cannot recommend Pleaseeasaur enough. If he comes to a town near you, you must see him. It is a moral imperative.