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Dalmatians :: Pop/Rock Ruff Drafts Review

The Stranger (Seattle)

On Saturday, September 4, the Dalmatians offer their recorded debut. Opening for like-minded animals the Unicorns, the Dalmatians turn electro punk into a basement party where everyone within earshot is invited. The Dalmatians' debut disc, Pop/Rock/Ruff-Drafts, boasts more caffeinated sugar fizz than a case of Rockstar. The trio's tight rhythm section is augmented with handclaps, gym whistles, simple Casio beats, and breathless male/female vocals. The group chants about staying positive, sibling relationships, and "getting your awesome on" vs. "getting your jerk on" to buoyant melodies framed by fuzzy distortion. The seven-song disc is an excellent introduction to this up-and-coming act--and live they dramatize that restless energy even more.
-- Jennifer Maerz