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Vells :: Vells -- Flight from Echo Falls

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The Vells -- Flight from Echo Falls God, that last story was really way too long, so I'll keep this short. Did you ever wish that Geddy Lee had cut an album with The Mommas and the Poppas over the percussion of an ex-Modest Mouse drummer? No?

I think the Vells did. Does that sound tight? No?

It is. Do you want to buy it? No?

You should. Tristan Marcum's vibrato tries so hard to hit Rush-like heights of gender-neutral, pseudo-operatic wailing, he often overshoots Geddy Lee entirely and hits somewhere around Nico. Nico was cool. Shame about the heroin.

Jeremiah Green's drumming is exactly what you'd expect, nuanced and exciting.

I'm going to need a few more listens to nail down everything else, but suffice it to say, this album, more than any of the others, had my car swaying rhythmically across the vast scablands of Eastern Washington while I did my best to wail like a German or Hungarian model/actress/composer/banshee/minx.

Sorry Quasi. That's Hot Shit.