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Aspects of Physics :: Systems of Social Recalibration Review

Ink 19

This San Diego brain-trust, under the leadership of Jason Soares, has brought about an introspective beast of acoustic-analog-digital mindfuck. As near as I can tell, the compositions here are built upon offset patterns of sound and melody which intertwine around each other, only to quickly find their own idiosyncrasies again. On the acoustic side, we have the occasional bass, drum, or other traditional instrument, participating in a dub fashion as a human counterpoint to the other chaos. The analog team sports great washes of chording, and assorted beeps and boops. Digital maneuvering is often in the style pioneered by Aphex Twin, compositions in micro-time that stutter and jitter like badly-threaded film.

Altogether the effect is deep and hypnotic, though I imagine others may just find it to be annoying repetitive noise. Liner notes for the album read like a breathless rant from a confirmed crackpot, except they make a lot more sense than blueprints for a gyrotron or proof of the Hollow Earth. There is a lot going on behind this release, and after several listens, it's still slowly unfolding.