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Scientific American :: FCSSA Review


fcssa - FCS North / scientific american Gyrations and erratica abound within this shared EP out of Seattle, the former courtesy of FCS North, who get the first four tracks, and the latter starring sceintific american, who get the last five. Of particular interest is track two, It's Clear, which features an east coast groove melded with old school robot disco. It's a wholly unique sound, and the ensuing remix punches vocals into the mix. Look for an EP from this Seattle trio of Joshua North (Satisfact), Andy Sells and Mune Yamakawa (Mugfrosty). The scientific american selections, heavier on the vocals and beats, bring a darker vision. Responsible for the sounds accompanying several of the cooler TV ads you may have seen over the years, Andrew Rohrmann can be heard in and around his native NW doing his thing. Go Seattle.