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DJs On Strike :: Lithium- DJs On Strike Remixes 12" Nirvana DJs On Strike Remix 12" Nirvana Lithium- DJs On Strike Remixes 12" Nirvana


It happens to the best of em. Woodman and K.Lim, one time downtempo-loving Lab interns, got seduced by the Roc and his big money gigs, trading in their MoWax and fake Bape (looking at you Woodman) for AV8s and bpm stickers. These days, if you want to follow in their footsteps, you’ll need to be able to toss not only the commercial set, but the tightly mixed rock set. Here's where this record comes in. No more sloppy switches to get "Teen Spirit" into the mix. The DJs On Strike have added beats, done some club friendly re-editing, and most importantly added mixable intros and outtros. The clueless wall streeters won't know what the fuck hit em. This is awesome. The best part is that the original rock feel is kept intact, this ain't no trance cinema bitch! "Smells Like(1)" is the easy pick, but I'm predicting the "Lithium" remix(2) is the one that's gonna smell it up.