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DJs On Strike :: preemtive strike


Trying to get a straight answer from the DJs On Strike organization is about as easy as delivering piranha babies. But maybe the amorphous duo of Johnny Kawasaki and DJ Suspence have said everything they wanter to say already via wheatpaste posters mix CDs and event flyers.

At this point you're probably familiar with the DoS's mash-up CD Too Hot for Solid Steel or their 2002 street blitz, featuring posters and stickers lambcasting the world's so called "top DJs" with slogans like "Steamin' Poo Oakenfold" and "BT Sucks". But just when you thought "John Digweed: Give Trance a Chance" was getting old, this duo-who hail from seattle, WA by way of an igloo in Vostok, Antarctica-have got more firepower up the sleeves of their wizard robes.

DJs On Strike recently staged a Nirvana reunion show with a "new lead singer," advertised it all over downtown, and created a fake band set-up in an art gallery to surprise unwitting seattle-ites who didn't get the joke. DJ Suspence says he's spent all his time lately "making functional cardboard guitars, basses and drum sets," no doubt preparing to shock attendees at Austin, TX's South by Southweat conference.

Though vague when pressed about what sort of antics we might expect from DJs On Strike, Suspence was honest when asked how Washingtonians respond to the collective's insurgent behavior. "They Mosh," he states. "Moshing is actually the oldest documented renegade artform." - Tyra Bangs