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six records :: Breaks our Heart Again

igloo mag

Well, most of you have heard about this CD-compilation in some way, shape or form, so now it's time to dissect some of the elements that form the debut for this newly established label, Six Records. Having had the chance to listen, absorb and rotate this disc on multiple occasions, one thing is certain; there is a wide scope of music present on this disc. While most of Breaks Your Heart Again is undeniably electronic, there are several gems that shine in different directions. From the digital (Plaid influenced) rhythms of Meek's "Who's on Drugs?" to the verbal electro assault of MAD/EQ (collab. between Mad EP / vocals by EquivalANT) on "Thievery is Grand" and Chaonaut/Marlowe's indie-electronic guitar ambience on "Agency," there really isn't one particular direction that Six Records takes. Instead, you're introduced to an onslaught of musical delights that should tickle the ears of people looking for something slightly askew. When you have artists like Proem stepping into 4/4 territory with atmospheric layers tied to every beat and Mr. Projectile taking a similar approach, you have to wonder if these two established artists have switched gears for future projects. Nonetheless, the lullaby ambient closure by 12345678910 called "Nuit Blanche (Half Cut)," sets the listener at ease as if a long trip has passed and you've made it home safely. Setzer's Herrmann & Kleine styled melodies and textures on "The Onslaught" makes for a tranquil listen until hell breaks loose and a fury of beats begin to decompose this rather lovely piece of musical bliss. Several highlights including the multi-talented alias abusing musician known as Travis Stewart (aka Tstewart, Syndrone & Machine Drum), uses his clip-clop guitar driven slippery beats on "Jess" to create a highly addictive track that has you twitching as you reach for the repeat button. Another interesting fragment from Breaks Your Heart Again is Sky Tucker's repetitive ambient electro joy-ride on "QC6V" (look for his excellent 12" debut EP on Record Camp called Pressing Matters). The sounds that spill from this CD are representative of several under-appreciated global producers doing what they do best; Creating a unique vibe of their own with Six Records gluing it all together like a puzzle of 18 distinct pieces. Recommended for the eclectic music listener.