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six records :: Breaking Your Heart Again


With its title and artwork, the first release from Brooklyn-based Six Records might fool one into thinking this adds to the current crop of "emo" -centered electronic music, material intended to tug at the heartstrings and fool the ladies that the guys behind the laptops are all really sensitive softies. It becomes quickly obvious it is mostly an act, however, with a good number of tracks on Breaking Your Heart Again compiling low-key but hairy chested work. Jeshu's dubby "Gen-Modus", for e is a big scratchy bubbly track, and Proem's "Rulez are meant to Be Broken" and Miles Tilmann's " teh Quickest Way" click away, nice, hot, tight sets. Meek's Who's On Drugs?" is an excellent sizzler of a piece: regal, lush, and unapologetic. This solid Work brings together quilityh tracks---perhaps with one exception being Venitian Snares' ode to speed freaks--- but as an opener for this new label, there does not seem any obivous, coherent style to identify it, beyond that most of the music here is highly listenable. Mad/EQ's fusion of processed sound and nouveau hip-hop easily fits into the Baltimore-NYC axis of avante garde rap, and Lately's guitar driven Lately could be mistaken for mellow Pulp of U2 versus Brian Eno atmospherics. Perhaps Six's mission is to be flexible, to get the best of whateever is available at the moment-- not neccasarily a dumb move. --Alex Reynolds