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Plastiq Phantom :: Hey Mr. DJ

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

There's a reason why we've been hearing so much about Plastiq Phantom lately. The 21-year-old DJ, who spins at I-Spy on Tuesday (9 p.m., $5), happens to be among the city's most promising talents. For two years, he's been a don of the dance floor, offering a distinct flavor and style within the oftentimes bloodless and limiting confines of electronic music.

Now Plastiq Phantom (Darrin Wiener) has a debut album on the streets, the 58-minute thrill ride, Enjoy the Art of Lying Down. Released by Seattle's Sweet Mother Recordings, the disc should cement his reputation locally, perhaps nationally.

Plastiq Phantom's album is a cohesive body of work, featuring several terrific, even classically derived compositions amid a fantastic barrage of beats, bleeps and found sounds. Among the album's strengths are its melodies, which weave an emotional thread into the synthetic fabric of sound, giving Enjoy a warmth and depth devoid of many modern electronic albums.

-- Joe Ehrbar (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)