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DJs On Strike :: Antarctica's Anti-Pop

Re:Up Magazine #001

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Strictly Kev of DJ Food heard some of the hilarious, but eerily amicable, Johnny Kawasaki remixes of 'N Sync and Nelly and asked Antarctica's DJs on Strike! to do a custom mix for his syndicated world radio show, Solid Steel. With the blessing of Mr Kev, DJs on Strike! threw Ninja Tune beats under top 40 songs that your aunt listens to, and gave singers like Richard Marx the violent sonic cut-up treatment he's always deserved. The result is scary: you find yourself singing all the words to Bette Midler's "From A Distance" over a crunky Mr. Scruff beat. Having just left their homeland for a small U.S. tour, DJs on Strike! front man Johnny Kawasaki took some time to express to RE:UP a little about their sacred mission: "We're just pushing buttons and trying to piss people off. We're sarcastically proclaiming, 'Down With Live Music.' Some of these superstar DJs get paid $80,000 to play records for a couple hours and we think that's absurd, so we're poking fun at that, but we're also a part of the electronic scene so we're poking fun at ourselves at the same time." Check out DJs On Strike! latest release on imputor? Records: Too Hot For Solid Steel!